100 Key Insights from 100 Key Contributors

Theo Davies

Theo Davies

Read Theo Davies’ full Interview here. Theo is a record breaking salesman, sales leader, coach / trainer & consultant, and...

Ron Alford

Sr. Partner/ Team Leader/ Elite Level Sales & Leadership Coach for Southwestern Consulting Former Regional Sales Director

Kristen Gonzalez

Kristen is a mom of a 2-year-old and 6 months old and wife to her husband Manny. She started her...

The Exceptional Sales Career

Scott Roy

CEO and Co-Founder, Whitten & Roy

Amanda Derham

Director at The Agile Director, Partner at Significant Capital Ventures


JT Olson

Executive Director, Both Hands Foundation


Saj Sami

Ex-Technologist turned Recruitment Business Owner

Dan Ingwell,

Dan Ingwell

Managing Partner, People Strategy Network

Nazia Khan

Business Development Director, Outform

Wade Shealy

With over 30 years in the sector, Wade Shealy is one of America’s top leaders in resort real estate development,...

Rupert Warburton

Rupert is a coffee entrepreneur, café operator, early stage Angel investor and mad motorcyclist. After traditional consulting, a Fontainebleau MBA,...

Katrin Kiviselg

Katrin Kiviselg is a partner in Northstar Consulting Group where her clients are (mainly) startups that need to establish or...

Connie Smith

Born in Khartoum in Sudan, Connie grew up living in seven African countries. Since completing her MA in Human Geography,...

Alastair Ross

Alastair Ross Alastair is an experienced and innovative change leader with a background in IBM and the founder of Codexx...

Rupa Datta

Founder, Portfolio People. Club Growth Director, Toastmasters International

Brad Revell

Brad Revell, Senior Digital Strategy, Infor

Monica Hartman

Monica Hartman, Director of Sales Operations, Gartner

Phil Burgess

Phil Burgess, Chief People and Operations Officer, CSpace

Phil Low

Phil Low, Commercial Partnerships, Codat

Tom Butterfield

Tom Butterfield, Executive Creative Director, Masterworks

Salim Earle

Salim Earle, Client Partner, The Chemistry Group

Peter Kiddle

Peter Kiddle, Chairman, Business Transfer Agent

Kristel Tuul

Kristel Tuul, Data-Driven Growth Marketing Consultant

Ryan Dowd

Ryan Dowd, Senior Manager – Business Development, COMATCH

Vlada Tusco

Vlada Tusco, Programme Partnerships, A Major News and Television Company

Hans Keijmel

Hans Keijmel, Strategic Account Director, Bloomreach

Helen Bee

Helen Bee, CEO & Director, Clean Living

Joe Pallo

Joe Pallo, Owner/Founder, Sell Nothing

Jason Dial

Jason Dial, Chairman, LGFG Fashion House

Rhys Zownir

Rhys Zownir, Business Development Manager, React News

Felipe Poveda

Felipe Poveda, Head of Europe Sales, CreditSights

Mike Turner

Mike Turner, Managing Director, YouBecome

Howard Paine

Howard Paine, Regional Sales Manager, Zscaler UK

Lee McCroskey

Lee McCroskey, speaker, trainer and coach, Southwestern Speakers and the John Maxwell Team

Simon Ruddick

Simon Ruddick, Chairman & Co-Founder, Albourne Partners

Stephen Goknel

Stephen Goknel, Managing Director, Your Edge and Luff Sleep

Dave Brown

Dave Brown, Senior Partner, Southwestern Consulting

John Schlegel

John Schlegel, CEO and Founder, Stonebridge Search

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The Exceptional Sales Career