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Founder, V2R
Jamie Badar

Jamie Badar brings two decades of experience in lead generation, marketing, and sales for software, technology, and services for small and medium businesses through to multinational organizations within the engineering and power industries. He has learned many valuable lessons along the way of what does and does not contribute to building successful, long-lasting, and moreover enjoyable relationships with clients, colleagues, and teams.

Authentic connection, focus on value realization and taking a partnership position have proven to have built the most satisfying career whilst also ensuring clients gain optimal results. Being well exposed to business and projects that span multiple continents Jamie has a strong appreciation of different cultures and communications styles.

Human behaviour is an area that Jamie has a deep interest in and how it can help individuals and companies both on a professional and personal level.  Often Jamie has found the potential to improve and draw out greater performance from individuals. Although the intention and awareness exist, today’s leaders are massively time-constrained and ill-equipped to develop a high-performance culture. This typically results in high dependency on the leader culminating in high staff turnover, underperformance, and restricted business growth. This can be avoided and transformed into a high-performance culture. 

Jamie has a driving passion to teach, coach and mentor to not only live their ideal life, but to learn the simple and effective methods to connect and build meaningful relationships in their businesses. 

V2R is a business growth agency specializing in lead generation and new client acquisition. We partner with small, medium, and large businesses to run social media campaigns as well as providing sales coaching to convert leads into profitable clients. 

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