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About The Author: Meet Jamie

Jamie Hamer has had a diverse and impactful dozen years in sales, entrepreneurship and commercial strategy, and looks forward to continuing to learn from the best and deliver exceptional results. 



His first job, while at University, was deeply formative, as he decided to travel from the United Kingdom to sell educational books door-to-door as an independent contractor with Southwestern Advantage, the oldest direct selling company in America. Working 80 hours per week, Jamie was the #1 first-time European Salesperson (out of around 800). For his second summer, he recruited a team of 5, increased his business value by 90%, and was the top second-year salesperson in the European organization.



He then went on to a corporate career, beginning with five years at industry giant Proctor & Gamble, where he won awards for his work on the Aussie, Wella, Duracell, Daz, Oral B, Pampers, and Iams brands and was nominated for the “Spirit of CBD” – the top sales award in the UK organization. He then worked for two further market-leading organizations – the Acuris Group and Gartner – being nominated for the top Account Manager award in both organizations before starting his entrepeneurial journey.



Seizing on a market opportunity to start a business with three prolific journalists, Jamie now runs sales, commercial strategy, operations, and finance for React News, which has grown to a business with almost £2m in revenue, 14 employees, and to be Europe’s best-read paid real estate news service, all within 18 months of launch. 



Jamie is also an accomplished public speaker (having been President of Holborn Speakers Toastmasters Club), a keen singer, and tennis/basketball player. He holds a CFA Charter, which involved a gruelling study schedule of more than 1,000 hours to obtain.


Blessed with fantastic mentors and keen to repay their generosity whenever possible, Jamie is passionate about sales theory and process, which is the genesis of this project.

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