What Is "The Exceptional Sales Career"

Sales is a diverse and potentially confusing career path, where 51% of salespeople miss their targets, and which can be challenging and
rewarding in equal measure. With insight from 100 sales and business leaders, The Exceptional Sales Career brings clarity to the Who, Why,
Where, When, What and How of sales.

Learn From The Very Best

With insights from over 100 top sales and business professionals, selected across industries and regions for their exceptional results, attitude, and discipline, The Exceptional Sales Career unlocks the secrets of those at the height of the sales profession.

Unlock Key Insights

Both the website and the book are dedicated to helping aspiring sales professionals better understand:

  • Who should go into sales, and what type of people are truly exceptional at it
  • What techniques are top sales professionals using, and how to learn them
  • When you should start your career, and whether to stay or move on from a given sales role
  • Where you should start and continue a successful sales career
  • Why you should (or shouldn’t) personally go into sales
  • How to get ahead, and stay ahead, in your sales career

An Ever-Growing Resource

With 100 interviews due to be published in 2020, and a continuously increasing library of resources submitted crowd-sourced from our interviewees and other sales professionals, Exceptionalsalescareer.com is be a one-stop shop for designing and developing an exceptional sales career.

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The Exceptional Sales Career