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What is The Exceptional Sales Career Project?

The Exceptional Sales Career is more than just a book. It’s a 2 year project by a successful salesperson and entrepreneur, looking to better himself, learn from the greatest in the corporate and entrepreneurial fields, and share it with the world.

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Who are The Exceptional Sales Career Interviews?

The Exceptional Sales Career are 100 top CEOs, salesperson and entrepreneurs from a variety of different industries and locations. We will be publishing on exceptional interview - with full text and audio available - full every day in 2020, ahead of the book launch in mid-January 2021.


Why buy The Exceptional Sales Career book?

The Exceptional Sales Career book isn’t just the text of these interviews. It’s the curated “best of” the lessons learned during this process, combined with personal anecdotes and stories into 100 key lessons selected to best enhance a career in sales. The book is due for release in mid-Janaury 2021.

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100 Key Lessons From Sales Leaders
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One of my favorite ways to sample artists’ music is to download their “Greatest Hits.”

Well, here is a “Greatest Hits” album for people who want to sample a broad spectrum of sales knowledge. Jamie Hamer has painstakingly organized interviews with top sales professionals by category and has even highlighted the best bits for the reader. I know many of the interviewees well, and they are serious sales contenders! Hamer’s album might be entitled, “The Essential Sales Collection,” or “Best of Sales & Selling.” So these are truly exceptional sales career insights – the “greatest hits”–a smart starting place for someone interested in becoming a sales professional, or for a seasoned salesperson who wants to stay sharp and keep growing.

Lee McCroskeyTeacher, Trainer, Coach

Southwestern Speakers and the John Maxwell Team

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