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Nick Beresford

CEO, Enertor
Nick Beresford, CEO, Enertor

Nick Beresford, CEO and founder of Enertor and the Running World Cup.

Nick has spent the last 4 years as CEO of Enertor, manufacturer of sports performance insoles designed for the prevention of injuries, worn by the world’s elite athletes including Usain Bolt and the British army. He also recently founded the Running World Cup, on track to be the largest mass participation sporting event in the world.

Previously he worked for Procter & Gamble for the last 17 years, his last role was the commercial Director on P&Gs Global Haircare business based in Geneva.

In his 17 years at P&G he has worked across 30+ markets living in 5 different locations including the UK, Canada and Switzerland doing various sales and marketing roles.

After graduating from Durham University with a Masters in Engineering in 1998 he joined P&G.

He and his wife, Jen, currently live in Weybridge, UK with their two sons, Jack, who is 13, and Harry, who is 11. He is an active member of the community having held 2 school governor roles. He is a regular recreational runner at his local Park Run and the office run club. He also enjoys fishing, golf, football, karate, and cooking.

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