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Joe Pallo

Joe Pallo, Owner/Founder, Sell Nothing

Joe earned his BS degree from North Dakota State University.  He financed his education selling books door-to-door for the Southwestern Company of Nashville, Tennessee.  He also developed other college students to run their own individual sales organizations under his leadership.

Joe was a Sales Trainer with the Tom James Company and has worked with numerous startups and family run businesses.  In addition, he has participated in over 30,000 face to face selling situations and he enjoys working with organizations, helping them to develop and enhance a variety of sales programs.

In 2017, Joe started to take his own advice and started his own company, Sell Nothing, LLC. Sell Nothing was created on Joe’s passion for helping businesses in areas of Sales Coaching, Training and Consulting.  As a coach, he focuses on making sure that the basic sale principles are understood and implemented, then he adds a level of accountability, by combining these two key ideas, he gets more out of his clients, than they think is in them. His area of expertise includes: financial services, insurance, non-profits, wholesaling, medical sales, IT sales and startups.

Joe is married to his best friend, Lisa. They reside in Shoreview, Minnesota and have four children – Sam, Nina, Abby, and Molly. Evidence of his “over-achiever” personality, their goal was to have three.

In his spare time, Joe enjoys reading, camping, cooking, and carpentry – building forts, playhouses, stages, and swing sets for his children.  He is currently looking for another project for his kids or as his wife likes to say, another reason to buy a new tool.

He is also of the upcoming book – ‘How to sell nothing better than everyone else’

You can read Joe’s interview in full here

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