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Katrin Kiviselg

Katrin Kiviselg is a partner in Northstar Consulting Group where her clients are (mainly) startups that need to establish or create better systems and strategies to scale their sales and improve their sales teams. Some of the clients that she has worked with are: Bolt, Adcash, MeetFrank etc.  

Katrin has extensive international experience in direct selling and also recruiting, training and leading sales teams. She spent 7 years as a salesperson and a team leader for the oldest direct selling American company Southwestern Advantage. After that she spent 6 years working for a worldwide fashion company LGFG Fashion House and helped to establish its European markets, being in charge of opening markets in Paris, Brussels, Luxembourg, Moscow etc. She also was responsible for training salespeople in Canada, EU and Australia.

Katrin also has a coaching background that is helpful when it comes to one on one training and selling.

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