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Jeremy Jacobs

Jeremy Jacobs, The Sales Rainmaker®

Jeremy ‘JJ’ Jacobs is the genuine article, a true Sales Rainmaker. He has devoted his life to understanding sales issues. He continues to research and share evolving as well as new insights into sales interactions. Unlike many of the profession who continue to preach out-of-date systems (methods) from the 1980s and 1990s he looks to the future. The way we buy and sell has undergone a radical shift in expectations and behaviours. What used to work often now seems hackneyed and artificial. JJ gets to the heart of current issues with his mentoring and shows clients and customers a better, more sustainable way to engage. The digital age, with new brain science, makes the old techniques appear false and forced.

He is available to speak and motivate the new generations who are searching for genuine knowledge. There are no simple answers any more. JJ delivers.

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