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Helen Bee

Helen Bee, CEO & Director, Clean Living

Helen has experience working at middle management level with a variety of UK and international businesses across Retail and Direct Sales. However it is the latter that won her heart and made her pull away from Retail back in 2016, transitioning into a consultancy role. She worked closely with one of the largest companies within Network Marketing for over 2yrs while setting up Clean Living products. This is now her main focus and the business has been making strong waves in the eco-friendly cleaning space. Their Social Selling model allows people to earn an additional income while doing their bit for the planet, by selling Clean Living’s award winning and refillable range of biological cleaning products.

She’s an energetic and optimistic individual who brings clarity, strategy and execution to a project. A committed leader and people developer, Helen is experienced in managing teams, creating business sales tools, generating marketing materials, building a brand, showcasing products, delivering training, and building social media strategies; all of which are fundamental to selling. But her main enthusiasm is for sharing quality and sustainable products with others. Every company in her portfolio of work has had strong values and ethics at their core and that’s something Helen has embedded within CLI from the outset.

You can read Helen’s interview in full here

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