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Greg Pearce

Greg Pearce, MD, Touchdown Charging

Greg was born competitive. From an early age he channelled his ambitious nature and natural leadership skills through sports. Playing competitive football from the age of 7, he had a 6 year professional academy and club career. Championing a ‘leading from the middle’ mentality, Greg played centre midfield with a relentless box to box work rate. 

After making the decision to move away from sports, it came naturally to transfer that same mentality into sales, management and entrepreneurship.  Which saw him achieve 5 years of setting new company records in B2C sales, and a a fast rise through the ranks at a British audio company. 

Bursting with energy Greg choose the entrepreneur life and now runs a home tech company, TouchDown Charging. He continues to find new and innovative ways to sell products both B2C and B2B.

Linkedin https://www.linkedin.com/in/greg-pearce-9222b394/

TouchDown Charging https://touchdowncharging.com

You can read Greg’s interview in full here

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