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Avi Wiesenberg

Avi Wiesenberg, CRO and Start-up Advisor

Avi is one of the leading technology Sales Executives in Israel. With over 15 years of experience in Technology and SaaS companies spanning both corporates, hyper-growth, and startups. He has held numerous VP Sales and CRO Titles across companies such as Appsee (exited to ServiceNow 2019), SimilarWeb, and Lusha. He is a trusted advisor to the Israeli startup ecosystem and his deep understanding at the intersection of digital and business has helped maximize value and drive forward strategically the companies he works with.

 He has scaled and managed all aspects of the Go To Market including Sales, Customer Success, Pre-Sales, support, and client delivery, globally including building teams in the US, Japan, and Asia enabling sustainable and successful, customer-centric, low churn businesses.

You can read Avi’s interview in full here

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