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Mike Turner

Mike Turner, Managing Director, YouBecome

Mike Turner is the founder and Managing Director of YouBecome.

Throughout the whole of his career, Mike has been passionate about helping people realise their maximum potential. The secret is in the name: YouBecome.

Since its creation in 2004, YouBecome has been supporting ambitious companies make culture and engagement simple and central to their success.

YouBecome has been helping clients to crack their ‘people code’ for the last 15 years. In order to do this, he believes a company must do two things: Measure all the key ‘people elements’ effectively and then implement a successful leadership and development framework within the organisation to support the necessary changes needed. He calls this the ‘People Playbook.’

Mike has been happily married to Lu for 24 years and is also a proud Dad of 23-year-old son Dan and 20-year-old daughter, Rosie.

You can read Mike’s interview in full here

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