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Stuart Lotherington

Stuart Lotherington, Managing Director, SBR Consulting

Stuart Lotherington is Managing Director of  SBR Consulting, where he has been a consultant for over 14 years and has over 30 years sales and sales leadership experience with sales teams of over 250 people.

As a consultant he has worked with over 250 businesses including FTSE 100 and some of the largest organisations in the world including Google, Facebook, Expedia & Sir Robert McAlpine. He has provided insight into many sales environments but has particularly excelled in Tech, Finance and professional services.

Stuart is sought after around the world where he has run numerous keynote speeches and conferences. Most recently at the Institutional Investor conference in Paris & 200 sales leaders in Atlanta.

Stuart resides in Sevenoaks, England with his wife and 4 children, in addition to this Stuart has recently completed a Psychology degree, he has trained in Transactional Analysis & Nero Linguistic Programming and has had articles published in Institute of Directors, Journal of Sales Transformation, ISMM, Academy of Chief Executives, Sheet Plant Association, Institute of Travel Management & Vistage

You can read Stuart’s interview in full here

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