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Rupa Datta

Founder, Portfolio People. Club Growth Director, Toastmasters International

Rupa’s sales career spans a good couple of decades from that first holiday job as a sales assistant in a household high street name to the world of relationships in a recruitment firm to many an entrepreneurial project. Her commercial career most recently saw her in the SasS industry, in different aspects of sales, culminating in that of Key Account Management and Customer Experience.

Rupa founded Portfolio People to help businesses and individuals understand the power of a portfolio career. Her own current portfolio continues to embrace her sales background including scaling a UK wide networking organisation in the property sector and she can often be caught sipping a glass of bubbly or two. In 2020, she was elected as Club Growth Director for Toastmasters International UK South, becoming the youngest female to hold this office in the UK and Ireland.

Now, more than ever, you are invited to unlock the value of your own portfolio and learn how to join the dots. Find out more:


Connect with Rupa: Rupa_Datta00

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