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John Willis

Director, 2Circles Solutions
John Willis, Director, 2Circles Solutions

John is married to Frankie, who works in corporate finance, and a family is on the agenda but not yet started. They have been married for five years 

He spent 9 years with Southwestern (4 as a full time sales manager), and had a best personal sales summer of 13700 “units,” trained two top first years, and hit the Mort Utley Club 4x times.

His hobbies include golf (badly), rugby (aka drinking), snowboarding (aka drinking on a mountain), travel (aka drinking on a plane), martial arts, and mid-week curry nights.

John moved back to Aberdeen to adopt his younger brother and be closer to home. He’s built a telecoms business – first as an employee then as a business owner – which has been one of the fastest growing and the most profitable dealer channels within the 2Circles telecoms group. John’s burning desire is to maintain health, build a great family and a great business, grow wealth, and to bring happiness to more people than he pisses off.

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