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Tomas Mesteller

Chief Commercial Officer, ORBIT
Tomas Mesteller, Orbit

The only thing that happens if you wait, is that you get older.

Tomas believe that the successful sales strategy always comes with a determined and positive sales team focused on the customer needs and motivations. He is a creative ICT sales professional with a real passion for enhancing and simplifying people`s lives. In his 10 years of experience, he has proven the ability to deliver a real impact results. He has a practical knowledge of enterprise accounts marketing and sales, developing attractive campaigns and delivering excellence in the sales process.

Tomas is the Chief Commercial Officer at Orbit, who are architects and implementers of IT-related changes. The value for customers is based on the ability to apply our knowledge of IT trends and technologies in our customers’ environments, which they understand in detail.

Per Orbit, the basic principles when realizing the strategy are quality, bravery, and people. Quality is the ambition to keep on improving, bravery as the ability to try new approaches and concepts, to enter the unknown, and people like the knowledge that IT is a tool, not an aim.

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