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Kristel Tuul

Kristel Tuul, Data-Driven Growth Marketing Consultant

Kristel is a data-driven growth marketer and certified digital psychology specialist. She takes a customer-centric and continuous experimentation approach to overseeing the entire user journey to finding the biggest growth opportunities and executing strategies for highest ROI. She has extensive international experience helping different types of businesses to optimize their marketing efforts.

She started her career in direct sales while also recruiting, training and leading sales teams. She spent 6 years with the oldest direct selling American company Southwestern Advantage, growing in sales every single year and being in the top 5% of all salespeople 3 years in a row. After that, she built a business intelligence technology company and participated in the 500 Startups accelerator, which is one of the top 3 programs in the world.

Now she freelances combining her sales, marketing, conversion rate optimization, digital psychology and analytical skills. Her personal passion is sharing her experience around achieving goals by managing your energy, not time. She is a certified peak performance coach in training.

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