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Lars Tewes

Director, Clean Living International
Lars Tewes

Lars Tewes has over 30-years’ experience in developing sales effectiveness in organizations around the globe.

Lars’ career started out in 1987 when he travelled to USA each summer whilst studying, in search of learning the basics of direct sales as well as paying his way through his degree. During that time, he was the No.1 European salesperson and became the 1st non-American Sales Manager in a 150 yr old US company. He has set up 3 companies on behalf of The Southwestern Company in Europe and currently building a new business encouraging an ethical movement to clean our homes with conscience.

  • 1987 – 1995: European division of Southwestern Advantage
  • 1995 – 2001: SBR Search a search firm (now called Thinking Ahead)
  • 2002 – 2019: Co-founder and Managing Director of SBR Consulting
  • 2019 ongoing: Director of Quriosity Edge
  • 2020 ongoing: Director of Clean Living International

As a founder of SBR Consulting, he has developed and trademarked sales methodologies & processes, won numerous speaker awards and helped 1000’s of individuals to develop high performing sales habits, whilst having a lot of fun doing it!

  • Develop sales cultures within organisations
  • Help companies restructure, define or create a sales process
  • Establish the correct KPIs, strategy, and incentives and how they should be used
  • Enable top salespeople to make a smooth transition into sales management
  • Ensure that rigour is introduced into the sales function
  • Provide consistency in the sales approach to market
  • Write company sales manuals & sales leadership manuals
  • Establish the correct approach to sales recruitment & retention

“My ultimate business goal has been to ensure that ‘sales’ is no longer seen as a dirty word, but one that people and businesses are proud of being associated with because of the true value it adds.”

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