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Robin Mukherjee

Robin Mukherjee, Founder, 2Circles Consulting

Robin is the founder of 2Circles Consulting (www.2CirclesConsulting.com) , an employee owned and driven B2B telecoms consultancy that helps 10,000 companies around the UK with fixed line, mobile, data, VOIP, M2M and Connectivity. They are the best little company to work for in Scotland, a close and fun team. With his wife, Angie and sons Sam, Ollie and Cameron, Robin also runs MOSCAR LLP, a commercial property firm renting space to SMEs and start-ups in Edinburgh and the Lothians. The rest of Robin’s work week is taken up by managing the family office, and investments.

Robin is most proud of his family and friends and spends most of his weekends and evenings golfing with his sons, who are on track for golf scholarships in the USA. When he’s not doing that he enjoys the gym, walks with Angie and their dog, Hapi,  all things USA, travelling, fine wine and good food and laughs with friends.

Robin previously spend 22 years travelling back and forth from East Lothian to Nashville, TN, and many other parts of the world building one of Southwestern’s most successful and enduring organisations, The Highlanders. He started that journey as a pretty mediocre Undergraduate salesperson at the University of Edinburgh, and ended up as the President of International Sales. During the journey, Robin became the first European to hit the Mort Utley Club in Sales twice, to have the No.1 Team in the Company and to win the Excellence Award in Leadership three times. He is driven by relationships, helping others and doing things well and over his career has recruited, trained and led over 8000 people.

Robin has also done consultancy work around people, culture, retention, motivation and productivity for TPG Capital in their European and US based offices.

Connect with Robin on Linkedin –  https://www.linkedin.com/in/robin2circles/

You can read Robin’s interview in full here

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