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Nazia Khan

Business Development Director, Outform

Senior business developer with a natural intuitive ability to network , connecting luxury brands and agencies to drive creativity, insight and technology both digitally and in store.  Sector expertise includes luxury automotive, property and fashion brands. I firmly believe that people buy into people first before they buy into expertise, therefore driving key relationships and learning client values, ambitions and desires to succeed across all levels is paramount  My approach is very effective, it simply starts with a conversation to identify the opportunity whether that’s immediate or further down the line keeping the conversation going is essential as ultimately I want the client to connect with my agency to do business.  I love intros and referrals to anyone the client knows would benefit from the agency’s product and services.


When I’m not business developing I tune into entrepreneurial books to learn what it takes to think big, achieve big and the power of influencing and engagement. My personal passion is coaching people in connecting their mind body and soul. 

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